Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer In June Sale

Who's ready for summer? I know i am..Down here in Texas it get's pretty hot. How is it where you live?

Anyway, my summer in June sale will begin June 1st. Here is a list of our Summer/Spring Scents:

Angel Wings
Apple Cinnamon
Chilli Vanilli
Coconut Mango
Cucumber Melon
French Vanilla
Fresh Laundry
Green Tea
Honey Bee Vanilla
Hot Apple Pie(My Favorite)
Japanese Pear(Wonderful Scent)
Key Lime Pie
Lilac(Another Favorite)
Pear Pomegrante
Swt. Orange & chilli Pepper(Our Top Seller)

Also included in this Sale our Top Selling Scents In May 2012. Check Them Out Here>>>>>>

Doesn't all those scents just have your nose curious now:)

Here is the brake down of the sale and discounts:

%5 off all summer scents & top selling scents(Includes, 9oz, 16oz, and 26oz jar candles)
%10 off all Mia Bella Beauty Products. Check Out our Natural Mineral Line Here 
All Other product not pertaining to the summer sale(you are welcome to order anything:) will have no discount and be charged regular price.

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!!!(If you place an order through my website this sale will not apply)

  • Friends must send an email confirming you referred them with subject "Friend Referral"
  • Email to send:
  • Friends Must Make a min $25 order to receive FREE gift 

How To Order:

  1. Go to 
  2. Browse through all products, take note of which product you'd like,  and then send all orders to  
                      Include In Subject Line :"Summer In June Sale"
                      Include In Body Of Email:
                                 Product Name, Scent, Size(es), Quantity, Full Name, Shipping Information, Phone Number and Email.

               *If Ordering Mia Bella Beauty Product's PLEASE include any shades, colors, etc...*

    3. You will receive an invoice VIA email with 24 hours of placing your order via Paypal. The transaction on your account will say "Gourmet Scent Shop"
    4. PAY and Enjoy Your Product!

Enter Daily:)

 Be Blessed and Thank You In advance:)

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  1. Don't Miss Out!!! Sale Will Be Going On Untill The End Of June

  2. I'm Taking Orders NOW!!! I'm Waiting:)

  3. I really want to get my scented candles out again now. I just want to lay down and relax to candle light. I haven't read a book with candle light in a long time so I might do that.


  4. My wife really likes getting scented candles. She has them all over the house. For her birthday I've been looking at getting her some new scented candles that she hasn't had before. Any new scents out there?

  5. This looks so good. I want to see what it smells like. I bet they are amazing.

    Anita Mas |

  6. I have been thinking about burning some candles but, I've heard from others that incense is better. How much does a candle cost in comparison? I want to see what is the best in my mind.

  7. I really like your article about candles,.It's too good,.



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