Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Does a Personalized Gift Mean?

Catchy title huh? I thought i would start out by giving you the definition of Personalized.

Personalized- Design or produce (something) to meet someones individual requirements.

In the U.S today there are over 100,000 businesses selling personalized gift products with annual sales of at least $27 billion, and these numbers are continuing to increase. Personalized gifts stand-out and are memorable. For instance, a grand-mother on her birthday will always remember a charming personalized picture frame or china set. A personalized gift is also a great gift for someone who has everything and for someone you likes different things instead of the same Ole same Ole.  

The personalized gift market is primarily a U.S. phenomenon. Its roots can be traced back to our early American history when silversmiths practiced their skills by engraving family names or initials on one-of-a-kind silver trays, bowls and jewelry. These early personalized items were always made to order and available only to those who could afford to pay the price -- which was, at that time, a very small percentage of the population.
Not much changed until the late 1950s when mass production brought the "pre-made" personalized gifts to middle America.
Suddenly, every local corner drug store offered displays of inexpensive pencils, key chains and jewelry featuring names like Linda, Mike, Tom, Cindy, Mary and Dave.

What type of companies sell personalized gifts? Major catalogs, countless ecommerce sites, upscale department stores, specialty boutiques, general dry-goods retail storefronts, drug store chains and thousands of small entrepreneurs.
What types of personalized items are consumers buying? Almost anything can be personalized, so the choices are many.

In 2002, Mia Bella was created and has evolved greatly over the last 10 years constantly adding new product each month and providing an honest and rewarding home based business. Just this year we launched our Personalized candle collection and today during our Canadian event the company just added two new personalized options.

"Personalized Holiday Line"

The fragrance used in the "Personalized Holiday Line" is Christmas Pine
"Personalized In Memory Of Line"

The fragrance used in the "In Memory Of Line" will be Lilac.

While you may find some personalized gift items in other countries, you will not see the same wide range of products that are found in the U.S. Mia Bella products are made in the U.S.A in Wilkes-Barre, PA and 100% renewable soy-based; which means clean burning and longer lasting burn time up to 120 hours. We have over 100 scents and not to mention our specialty, limited edition, flame less, bakery and designer candles
 Other trend forecasters agree that the personalized gift industry is here to stay and will continue steady growth as more products are brought to market in response to consumer demand. So grab your personalized candle today, You will not be disappointed.

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