Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Goodies, Fall Ideas and More......!

Halloween is a fun excuse for decorating your house and yard for the season.  Whatever way you choose (fun or scary), there are lots of ways and possibilities to make your home festive for the holiday.

To most people Halloween can be scary, especially for small children but for adults and teenagers it means party, party, party!!!

If you live in Texas, we have what is called Fright Fest and it is hosted at Six Flags, a great amusement park located in Arlington, Tx. If you are ever in Texas you must visit the 212 acre park that has evolved greatly over the years. 

Fall is all about bringing in warmth with colors such as crimson reds, browns,yellows and other warm toned colors. Here are a few fun pictures i thought would be perfect to accent your home. I will be trying some of these ideas myself, as too i love decorating. If you try any of these please post a comment with a link. I would love to see them in action.

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As you can see in my post there are many ways to decorate with candles. They add a real homey feeling and not to mention makes your room smell so good in many ways. What better way to kick off October/Halloween with our newest designer jar candle Jack 'O' Lantern. It is an amazing blend of nutmeg, cloves, and Cinnamon.

Happy Decorating and remember to post your comments if you try anything from this post. we would love to see it. Even if you didn't post some of your best holiday decor today!

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Have a Scent-Sational Day!!!!!:)


  1. I'm yet to see who doesn't use scented candles in our today's world. Personally I am a great fan of scented candles and I must say you have pretty good collections..
    Thanks for linking up in Exposure 99% weekday blog hop..Following back now and I look forward being part of your blog...

  2. Thank you...i just love candles and these are the best ever. Stay tuned for my giveaways and you should try them

    Happy blogging



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