Friday, July 27, 2012


I was compelled to write this post, because i was recently a victim of a potential scam. I received a call today---well they were calling pretty frequently--and it was a male with a very strong accent. The calls at first would show up as a 00000 number but then today they were calling me from a 567-248-7590. He sounded like he was Indian or Pakistan. He went by the name of Samuel Bishop and began to tell me that i had two outstanding payday Internet loans and that i could be thrown in jail for fraud, money laundry and more. He then began to say that child protective service would come and that i would be gone for 70 days and suffer court fees.

Now he had me all the way until he started talking about my child. So that sent off a red flag for me and of course scared me. He stated that i owed over $1000 and that we could settle for $810. I asked the name of his company and he stated Morgan and Associates. I do know that by LAW if you are a creditor or even a law firm you have to send me something in writing before any payments can be made. I asked him numerous times to send something in writing but he refused indicated only after i make the payment will he be able to give me any kind of information. My husband then arrived home and i told him of the situation and he immediately spoke with them. Mister Samuel Bishop then transferred us to supposedly his Superior Micheal; which sounded very much like him. He began to say they we did not have to pay anything but yet the other guy was trying to settle out a payment. His story did not add up just like mister Samuel Bishop. Prior they were calling under blocked numbers and as 911 as if to scare their victims.

I gathered some very insightful information on this SCAM and i am sharing with you if this has or ever happen to you. The Internet world is very scary and i hope this never happens to you. These people will harass you 20 to 40 times a day. They will also call your job as well. These people should be stopped and i caution you all and beware of what website you are on and if your imputing information make sure it is secure. There are evil people out there and i PRAY god has mercy on their souls.

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  1. I have people of Indian decent calling me daily because I ordered a drug from a Canadian Pharmacy, and that pharmacy sold my information to them. So they call me and harrass me and tell me I have outstanding bills that I need to pay them and that they will take me to court. Or they simply try to sell me viagra or cialas and I hang up on them, or muse them enough to give them a totally obvious fake credit card number. All they are after is that number. Sometimes I put them on hold and make them hang up. They are very annoying!



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